Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Bible: Day One

A friend of mine was going to read through the entire Bible over the summer. I thought that was pretty groovy. I know there are still sections that I've not read (or not in context). Also, there are always so many stories and pieces that I have forgotten or remembered incorrectly. So far, after one day, I've read the first 16 chapters of Genesis. Good stuff.

Genesis 1-3
Creation of the World, Adam and Eve, Fall of Man

Genesis 4
Cain and Abel, first murder

Genesis 5
Adam's Descendants, Long life spans, Enoch walks with God

Genesis 6-10
Noah and Repopulating the Earth, A year on the boat, Origin of nations and peoples

Genesis 11
Tower of Babel, a monument to man's power, language origins

Genesis 12
Promises to Abram, Abram in Egypt (lying about wife)

Genesis 13-14
Abram and Lot, the first recorded war

Genesis 15
God promises Abram a great nation

Genesis 16
Sarai gives Abram Haggar as a wife, Haggar speaks with God

Moving through scripture this fast is fascinating. Putting these stories so close together puts a whole new perspective on most of them. The time line interests me, and the "firsts" are just so interesting.

The posts here may not be always deep throughout this endeavor, but I want to try to keep a record of what I go over each day.

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